Announcing the Ventures in the Collab Spring Accelerator 2019

3 min readApr 4, 2019

Collab is a accelerator for Connecticut entrepreneurs. Our main mission is to make entrepreneurship and leadership development accessible across the state.

In January, we launched applications for our Collab Spring Accelerator 2019.

Here’s who applied:

And now, we’re proud to introduce you to the 6 ventures in the Collab Spring Accelerator 2019 cohort:

Threads By Tea
Founder: Terone Montgomery

Threads by Tea is bespoke wearable art, handcrafted to inspire, empower, and motivate clients to take risks in fashion and express themselves.

Founders: Marina Marmolejo, Yusuf Ransome

DreamKit is a web-based app for homeless youth to catalogue their lived experiences. DreamKit’s platform allows youth to receive support at multiple levels (e.g., by peers, service providers, general community, and local businesses), which can improve their health and education opportunities that prepares them to exit homelessness quickly and permanently.

Founder: Della Leapman

Loci utilizes adaptive modifications and prefabrication to create affordable, turn-key lactation rooms for the workplace. Loci’s mission is to create environmental solutions that facilitate greater workplace inclusion,
aiming for simple implementation and low impact to employers, with maximum improvement for employees

Emergent Access Services
Founder: Aneetrai Rowland

Emergent Access Services is a mobile app that will provide Emergency Room patients with service timeframes, wait statuses, and more before their hospital visit — addressing time management issues that affect emergency departments nationwide.

Stoll Enterprises
Founders: Melissa Stoll

Stoll Enterprises is an event management company specializing in sports events, as well as coaching, team building, and leadership development. Through the combination of sports and event marketing, they aim to positively promote healthy living, well-balanced, and active communities.

Zen Zilla Yoga and Wellness
Founder: Jumai-Shefau Dabre-Rufus

Zen Zilla Yoga and Wellness offers affordable individual and group guided meditation, yoga, and mindfulness sessions to address the disparities in access to resources for health and wellness in the African American community, starting with youth.

To learn more about Collab, head to our website. Applications for the Collab Fall Accelerator 2019 will open in later summer.




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